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L Shape Anchor Bolt Plain with Nut and Washer

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BoltCraft’s L-Shape Anchor Bolt Plain with Nut and Washer is engineered for secure anchoring in concrete foundations, providing a dependable solution for a wide range of construction and infrastructure projects. This anchor bolt assembly, which includes a plain finish bolt, nut, and washer, is designed for applications where corrosion resistance is managed through other means or not a primary concern.


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  • The L-Shape Anchor Bolt Plain with Nut and Washer by BoltCraft is crafted for robust anchoring of structures to concrete bases. The plain finish is suited for indoor use or in environments where additional corrosion protection is provided. This assembly ensures a strong hold for supporting structural loads and stabilizing installations.

Applications & Advantages

  • Perfect for securing columns, sign structures, and various other components to concrete foundations in both commercial and residential construction.
  • The L-shaped design ensures a firm embedment in concrete, providing excellent pull-out resistance and enhancing the structural integrity of the installation.
  • Accompanied by a matching nut and washer, this anchor bolt assembly facilitates an even load distribution and provides a secure fastening solution.

Material & Specifications

  • Made from high-strength steel, the anchor bolt is capable of bearing significant loads and stresses, ensuring durability and long-term performance.
  • The assembly includes a nut and washer, which are essential for achieving the correct tension and load distribution in the anchored connection.
  • Available in multiple sizes and lengths to meet various project specifications and concrete embedment requirements, offering versatility for different applications.

Reliability & Performance

  • Designed to provide reliable anchoring in concrete, the bolt’s L-shape design prevents rotation and ensures stability under load.
  • The plain finish bolt, while not offering the same level of corrosion resistance as galvanized options, is suitable for applications where the environment is controlled or additional protective measures are in place.

Testing & Compliance

  • Each component of the assembly is rigorously tested to ensure strength, dimensional accuracy, and performance, adhering to industry standards for anchor bolts.
  • Suitable for a wide range of construction applications, this anchor bolt assembly meets the necessary specifications for structural anchoring, providing confidence in its use for critical support roles.
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