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Medium Split Lock Washer Zinc

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BoltCraft’s Medium Split Lock Washer Zinc offers a robust solution for securing fastenings in a wide range of applications. With its zinc coating for extra corrosion resistance, this washer is designed to prevent loosening caused by vibration and torque, ensuring a durable and reliable hold.


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  • The Medium Split Lock Washer from BoltCraft is a versatile and essential component for achieving secure bolted connections. Its split design creates a spring-like effect when tightened, applying continuous pressure between the bolt and mating surface, which significantly enhances the assembly’s resistance to loosening.

Applications & Advantages

  • Ideal for general-purpose applications across automotive, construction, and machinery where a secure hold is necessary.
  • The zinc coating provides a protective layer against corrosion, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Works effectively to maintain bolt tension and load distribution, reducing the risk of bolt loosening under dynamic loads or vibrations.

Material & Specifications

  • Made from high-quality steel, ensuring strength and durability for reliable performance in various applications.
  • The zinc plating not only enhances the washer’s corrosion resistance but also improves its aesthetic appeal, contributing to a cleaner and more consistent finish in assembled products.

Reliability & Performance

  • Engineered to provide a high degree of locking security, reducing the need for frequent retightening and maintenance.
  • The split design compensates for diameter expansion and contraction, adapting to changes in temperature and load, ensuring a tight fit over time.

Testing & Compliance

  • Each washer undergoes rigorous testing, including a twist test to ensure flexibility and durability without compromising its locking capabilities.
  • Complies with industry standards for mechanical properties and coating thickness, ensuring a high-quality product suitable for a wide range of applications.
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