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Fender Washer Zinc

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The Fender Washer Zinc from BoltCraft is an essential hardware piece, offering expansive surface support for various applications. Designed with precision, these washers ensure stability and enhanced load distribution, making them ideal for both professional and domestic projects.


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  • BoltCraft’s Fender Washers are characterized by their large outside diameter compared to their inside diameter, providing a wide bearing surface. This design is particularly beneficial for distributing load or stress over a larger area, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the installation surface.

Applications & Advantages

  • Perfect for applications requiring a large surface area support, such as auto body repair, sheet metal work, plumbing, and electrical installations.
  • The wide diameter makes them ideal for attaching signs to posts, installing drywall, and securing wood paneling, offering a secure and stable installation.

Material & Specifications

  • Manufactured from high-quality steel and available in stainless steel variants, ensuring durability and long-term reliability.
  • Available in a range of sizes to accommodate various bolt sizes, with zinc plating options for added corrosion resistance.

Strength & Support

  • The thinner gauge metal compared to standard flat washers allows for a flexible application while maintaining the necessary support.
  • Designed to prevent pull-through and provide a smooth, even surface for nut or bolt heads, enhancing the structural integrity of assemblies.

Finish & Durability

  • Typically offered with a zinc finish to provide a layer of corrosion protection, enhancing the washer’s lifespan.
  • The option for no additional finish caters to specific application needs where surface treatments are not required.

For more information on this product, including dimensions, hardness and proof load, please download the official product datasheet below.

Fender Washers
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