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Finish Hex Nut Grade 8 Zinc Yellow

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BoltCraft’s Finish Hex Nut Grade 8 Zinc Yellow offers superior strength and corrosion resistance, ideal for demanding applications where high tensile strength and protection against environmental elements are essential.


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  • Crafted for high-strength applications, BoltCraft’s Finish Hex Nuts are made from Grade 8 steel and coated with a zinc yellow finish to provide exceptional corrosion resistance and durability.

Applications & Advantages

  • Designed for use in high-stress environments, where the strength of the assembly is critical.
  • The zinc yellow coating not only offers superior corrosion resistance but also provides a visual indication of the grade, facilitating easy identification.

Material & Specifications

  • Constructed from Grade 8 steel, these nuts provide one of the highest levels of strength available for hex nuts.
  • The zinc yellow chromate plating exceeds industry standards for corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability in harsh conditions.

Hardness & Durability

  • Grade 8 nuts are known for their high tensile strength, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications in construction, automotive, and machinery.
  • The zinc yellow finish adds an extra layer of durability, protecting the nut from wear and environmental damage.

Proof Load & Finish

  • These nuts are capable of supporting high proof loads, making them a reliable choice for critical assemblies where failure is not an option.
  • The distinctive yellow zinc finish not only provides excellent corrosion resistance but also aids in the identification of the nut’s grade during inspections and assembly processes.
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