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Heavy SAE Flat Washer Grade 8 Zinc Yellow

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BoltCraft’s Heavy SAE Flat Washer Grade 8 Zinc Yellow is a high-quality, durable solution for ensuring tight and secure assemblies. Specifically designed for high-strength applications, this washer provides reliable load distribution and protection for your connections, making it an essential component in any demanding construction or automotive project.


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  • The Heavy SAE Flat Washer from BoltCraft is engineered to meet the stringent requirements of high-strength bolted connections. With tighter tolerances and a through-hardened construction, these washers ensure optimal performance under extreme conditions.

Applications & Advantages

  • Ideal for automotive, construction, and industrial applications where high-strength bolts are utilized.
  • Provides a smooth bearing surface, protecting the assembly material from damage during the tightening process and under vibration.
  • The Grade 8 specification signifies superior hardness and durability, suitable for use in environments where high tensile strength is required.

Material & Specifications

  • Made from SAE 1035-1050 steel with a Rockwell hardness of C38-45, offering exceptional strength and resilience.
  • The zinc yellow plating not only provides corrosion resistance but also facilitates easy identification of the Grade 8 specification in the field.

Strength & Reliability

  • These washers are dimensionally equivalent to low carbon SAE washers but are manufactured from a higher grade of steel and heat-treated for enhanced performance.
  • The design ensures even load distribution, preventing bolt heads and nuts from embedding into the installation material, which could lead to loosening over time.

Finish & Compliance

  • The zinc yellow finish offers a distinct appearance while adding an extra layer of protection against environmental elements.
  • Each washer is marked with an insignia identifying the manufacturer, as per product standards, ensuring traceability and quality assurance.
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