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3 x .040 x 3/8 Type 1 Small Diameter Cut Off Wheel, Carton of 50


BoltCraft’s 3″ x .040″ x 3/8″ Type 1 Small Diameter Cut-Off Wheel offers precision and durability for cutting tasks in metalworking and fabrication. Packaged in a carton of 50, these wheels are designed for high-performance cutting of ferrous metals, stainless steel, and other materials, with a focus on clean cuts and minimal material loss.

SKU: 11CW0304038-C-1

$100 minimum order


● The Type 1 Small Diameter Cut-Off Wheel by BoltCraft is engineered for efficient and precise cutting operations in a variety of industrial applications. With a thin profile and high-grade abrasive materials, these wheels deliver clean, burr-free cuts, reducing the need for secondary finishing processes.

Applications & Advantages

● Ideal for cutting ferrous metals, stainless steel, alloy steels, and other materials, making it versatile for workshops, fabrication units, and construction sites.
● The thin wheel design minimizes material loss and heat generation, preserving the integrity of the workpiece and enhancing cutting efficiency.
● Packaged in a carton of 50, providing ample supply for high-volume projects and reducing the need for frequent reordering.

Material & Specifications

● Made with premium abrasives bonded with high-strength resins, ensuring consistent performance and long wheel life.
● The 3″ diameter size and .040″ wheel thickness are optimized for cutting tasks requiring precision and control.
● The 3/8″ arbor size fits a wide range of angle grinders and cut-off tools, offering compatibility and convenience.

Reliability & Performance

● Designed for reliability, the cut-off wheels maintain their integrity under high rotational speeds, ensuring safe and effective operation.
● The uniform grain distribution and high-quality bonding agents provide a balance of aggressive cutting action and durability.

Testing & Compliance

● Each batch of cut-off wheels is rigorously tested for balance, strength, and cutting performance to ensure they meet BoltCraft’s quality standards.
● Compliant with safety standards for bonded abrasives, providing assurance of safe use when operated within recommended guidelines.

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